2 bài văn mẫu Phân tích bức tranh mùa thu qua bài thơ Câu cá mùa thu của Nguyễn Khuyến hay nhất – Ngữ văn lớp 11

Bạn đang xem: 2 bài văn mẫu Phân tích bức tranh mùa thu qua bài thơ Câu cá mùa thu của Nguyễn Khuyến hay nhất – Ngữ văn lớp 11 tại Giới Trẻ Topic: Analyzing …

Bạn đang xem: 2 bài văn mẫu Phân tích bức tranh mùa thu qua bài thơ Câu cá mùa thu của Nguyễn Khuyến hay nhất – Ngữ văn lớp 11 tại Giới Trẻ

Topic: Analyzing the picture of autumn through the article Autumn fishing

Lecture: Autumn fishing – Ms. Thuy Nhan ( teacher)


Autumn fishing is a typical collection of three poems written in Nom script by Nguyen Khuyen – a poet “most famous in Vietnamese literature is about Nom poetry”.

– In the poem, the picture of autumn is clearly depicted


1. The picture of autumn is depicted from a change of point of view

– The picture of autumn is captured in the eye by perspective that changes from near to far: from “small fishing boat” in “autumn pond” to “floating cloud layer”

– The point of view continues from far to near: From “blue sky” back to fishing boats, autumn ponds

⇒ This way of changing the point of view makes a comprehensive picture of autumn: from a pond, the autumn landscape opens up vividly in many directions.

2. The autumn picture in the article is the most typical autumn picture, most typical for “autumn of Vietnamese landscape villages”

The most characteristic features of autumn in the North are sketched in the autumn picture with full colors and lines:


– Color:

+ “transparent”: the gentleness and purity of autumn

+ Blue waves: Reminiscent of images but at the same time evoke colors, it is a gentle and cool blue color, is it a reflection of the clear blue autumn sky?

+ Yellow leaves in front of the wind: Typical images and colors of autumn in Vietnam

+ Image of blue sky: the blue color of autumn is continued to be used, but it is not a cool and gentle blue but pure blue of one color on a large scale ⇒ typical of autumn.

– Lines, movements:

+ slight ripple very light movement author’s attentive observation

+ “slightly swaying” very light, very soft movements Deep and delicate perception

+ The sound of fish “snapping under the duck’s feet” ⇒ “the stillness is made up of a very small movement”

– Harmony in color coordination:

+ The elegant colors typical for autumn are not only felt individually, but overall, harmony is still felt.

+ The different shades of green gradually increase in intensity: the “clear” blue of the pond, the blue of the waves, the “blue” of the sky.

+ Mixed with green is “yellow leaves”: Autumn colors stand out in harmony, standing out with the green of heaven and earth, creating more and more peaceful harmony.

⇒ The very unique feature of autumn in the countryside is evoked from idyllic images, which is the “wild soul”, “reading it up, as if seeing before your eyes the landscape of rural villages in the Northern Delta, in autumn ; very like our country, real, very alive, not according to conventions like in literature and books” (Xuan Dieu)


3. The picture of autumn is beautifully depicted, but the love is quiet and full of sadness

– The space of the resulting picture is expanded in both height and depth, but still quiet:

+ The image of the village is evoked with the “windy bamboo alley”: a familiar image

+ Empty guests: Rhyming “eo” evokes a quiet, peaceful, quiet village without any human activity.

+ Motion but very gentle movement: waves “slightly rippling”, clouds “floating”, leaves “slightly moving” not enough to make a sound

– The whole poem has a quiet look until the last sentence appears sound:

+ The sound of the fish “snapping at the duck’s feet” → the poet’s attentive observation in the quiet space of autumn, the art of “moving and depicting static”

⇒ The sound is very soft, very light in a large space, increasing the quietness, “the stillness is created from a very small movement”

⇒ The space of the autumn of the Vietnamese landscape village is expanded up and then directly into the depth, the space is quiet and empty.

– Summarize the typical artistic features that contribute to the successful expression of the autumn picture in the work

– Emphasizing the autumn picture in the poem is depicted as the most beautiful and typical autumn picture of the Vietnamese landscape village

Autumn – the subject of eternal poetry. Each artist has their own feelings about each degree of return, making the treasure of poetry written about autumn become richer and more unique. Among the masterpiece poems written about autumn, we cannot fail to mention the collection of three autumn poems by Nguyen Khuyen, especially Autumn Fishing – a typical work for the landscape of the Northern countryside.

The autumn painting appears with the classical beauty inherent in eternal poetry with the stillness in the scene and the artist’s mind. The poem opens with a narrow, close space:

Cold pond water is clear collected

Autumn for Nguyen Khuyen is not only felt in the characteristic winds but also in the cold clear water. But his perception was subtle, using all his senses to feel autumn. The cold seeps into the skin. The water color is so clear that you can see through to the bottom. In the clarity of the water with his sensitivity, Nguyen Khuyen also quickly realized “the blue waves follow the slightly smooth waves”. Just a very small ripple, very sound, making the reader feel the absolute silence of the space.

The space is expanded when the image is captured by the author to capture each beauty:

Clouds hovering in the blue sky.

The verse shows the deep height of space, the blue color not only evokes the softness of the sky, but it also makes the dome of the sky more spacious. Not stopping there, the poet also noticed the autumn leaves fluttering in the wind: Yellow leaves fluttering in the wind. If in other poems, the image of falling leaves always evokes the withering, withering, and splitting of embryos, as in Nguyen Du’s verse:

The one who got on the horse, the one who divided the army

The autumn maple forest has been tinged with the color of mandarin

Then in Nguyen Khuyen’s verse, it absolutely does not evoke that feeling. The leaf falls like a very natural thing of nature, when it comes back, just a fleeting wind makes the leaves fall to the ground. The verse captures the moment, the spirit of autumn is calm and peaceful. The images in Nguyen Khuyen’s poetry are simple and familiar, the verses not only let the reader feel the full and complete soul of autumn but also feel the soul of the old life, which was a peaceful life. , idyllic, peaceful.

In that quiet autumn space, the person appearing is just a very small, very gentle drawing: “The winding bamboo alley is empty”. Especially at the end of the poem, in the space full of autumn, the figure of a calm and motionless figure appears: Leaning on a pillow, it can’t take long to let go. The small pond space, combined with the sitting posture “reclining” in the small boat, creates an unexpected harmony between people and scenes. It seems that in that space everything becomes smaller and smaller. A fisherman who doesn’t seem to care about fishing, in the long rod, must not hide even apathy, indifference, feelings, and moods.

With the ingenious style of motion and stillness to describe the movement of the scene and the sound of waves that evoke a little, the leaves move quickly, the floating clouds seem to make the whole space filled with silence. Especially in the last verse, the soft sound of fish snapping at the duck’s feet also makes the poet feel it, thereby showing more clearly the stillness of space and scenery. With a dotted style, the classic autumn painting under Nguyen Khuyen’s pen appears fresh, quiet and peaceful.

In addition to the classical beauty, his autumn paintings also carry the unique spirit of autumn in the Northern Delta. That unique and authentic feature is reflected in a series of forgotten images of life in the Vietnamese countryside: fishing boats, bamboo lanes, ponds, etc. In addition, he also uses it skillfully and skillfully. the language of life: clear, small, squishy, ​​empty, etc. to breathe life into the picture of nature. Words are very simple, but they capture all the gods and souls of the nature of Vietnamese villages. With a painterly and extremely delicate pen, Nguyen Khuyen has portrayed a poetic autumn picture with the most typical features of autumn in the countryside of the Northern Delta.

Through the painting of a Vietnamese landscape village in autumn, readers can feel the love of nature and the deep passion for the author’s life. Not only that, with the simple, close language class, with the ingenious use of the “waist” fate, we also see Nguyen Khuyen’s masterful artistic talent.

Writing about the topic of autumn, there were many poets wearing guests such as Nguyen Trai, Nguyen Binh Khiem, Nguyen Du to release their souls to the mountains and the sky, but it is not until Nguyen Khuyen with the collection of autumn poems that the autumn scene really comes to fruition. clearly has its own characteristics. Especially the song “Thu Cuoi” is “more typical for the autumn of the Vietnamese landscape village”. The peaceful and quiet autumn painting with simple and rustic images that has its own charm is described by the poet through eight apocalyptic verses of Tang Luat.

If in Nguyen Trai’s poetry, the scene of autumn is still borrowed with conventional and symbolic images, then Nguyen Khuyen with his talent has brought Vietnamese poetry to a new step closer to reality, concrete and life. more dynamic in descriptive style. Autumn in his poetry is the autumn of the nation, the autumn of the lowland countryside of the North.

The beginning of the autumn scene is shown in front of the eyes with the image:

“Cold pond water is clear collected

A tiny fishing boat atrophy”

The scene is wrapped in a narrow and quiet space, the tiny pond emerges as a tiny fishing boat. These two verses remind us of a poetic space and the words of love leave a deep impression in the hearts of readers.

Nguyen Khuyen describes the scene of the fall not only but also vividly describes it with the image of “blue waves”, “golden leaves” with gentle and delicate movements. That movement further emphasizes the stillness of the scene with the art of taking motion and remaining static. The word “voo” evokes the slender, fragile nature of the autumn leaves, but has an artistic charm that makes Tan Da admire and admire. He confided in a lifetime of poetry that he had only had a satisfactory verse “Vo looks at the fallen leaves in the yard”.

Nguyen Khuyen is transformed into a cinematographer, his vision is like a camera when near, when far, when under the surface of the pond, and then back to the height of the sky or the whole depth of the winding bamboo alley. . Bamboo alley is a characteristic of the northern countryside. It takes a person who has a love for nature and loves the country to infinity to have a comprehensive view of every detail describing the scene. The blue of the sky, the blue of the bamboo covers the color of the space. The scene becomes dreary, lonely, and lonely with the adjective “empty” ie empty, deserted without a shadow of people and also shows the openness and freshness of the space here.

The autumn scene in the poem “Autumn fishing” is a beautiful scene with silence and peace. Every movement becomes very light, the motion is as if nothing of the ripples, of the autumn leaves gracefully blowing in the wind. The people here, too, are not as big as the people of the time with the “squirrel” posture as in Pham Ngu Lao’s “Thuat Hoai” but it is lonely, lonely and small in space:

“Can’t take a long time to lean on the pillow

Where does the fish move under the duck’s feet?”

Nguyen Khuyen appeared in a sitting posture with his knees bent, letting go of the fishing rod, exuding a contemplative look, creating a motionless line against the background of a quiet autumn painting. The poet seems to be vague in the midst of reality, but he is suddenly startled when the sound of fish snaps under the duck’s feet. It can be said that the sound resounding on the dynamic background of space is a unique feature in the poet’s artistic style of depicting scenes. People and landscapes seem to blend together to create a classic watercolor painting. That sad stillness is not dead but still has the clarity, poetic and immortal vitality in poetry.

The poem “Autumn fishing” has described the autumn picture of a real Vietnamese landscape village with all the simple, idyllic rural beauty that is reproduced through the lens of the soul and succeeded with technology. the author’s ingenious description. Nguyen Loc commented: “Talking about nature, in ancient literature there are many, describing the beauty of autumn nature in ancient literature very well. But before Nguyen Khuyen, there was never such a rich nature with the taste of the homeland.”

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