Kể chuyện về những người đã góp sức mình chống lại đói nghèo (Dàn ý – 6 mẫu) – Tập làm văn lớp 5

Bạn đang xem: Kể chuyện về những người đã góp sức mình chống lại đói nghèo (Dàn ý – 6 mẫu) – Tập làm văn lớp 5 tại Giới Trẻ Sample essay Telling stories about …

Bạn đang xem: Kể chuyện về những người đã góp sức mình chống lại đói nghèo (Dàn ý – 6 mẫu) – Tập làm văn lớp 5 tại Giới Trẻ

Sample essay Telling stories about people who have contributed to the fight against poverty in grade 5 including detailed outline and 5 best essays Storytelling about people who have contributed to fighting poverty selected, compiled from Essay writing exercises of 5th grade students across the country. Hopefully, with this sample essay, you will know how to develop ideas, accumulate more vocabulary to write a good essay Telling stories about people who have contributed to the fight against poverty.

Topic: Tell stories about people who have contributed to the fight against poverty.

Outline Tell stories about people who have contributed to the fight against poverty

1. Opening lesson

– Introduce the person mentioned: Who is it? Where? What do you do?

2. Body

– Where does my story take place? At what time?

– What work have they done to contribute to the fight against poverty and backwardness?

– What good results/benefits did that work bring to the community?

3. Conclusion

– What do you feel/learn from them?

Tell stories about people who have contributed to the fight against poverty – sample 1

My grandparents gave birth to four children, three of them went to work far away, only Uncle Ut stayed at home with his grandparents. In the past, the family only had a small field, so rice was not enough to eat, people had to work as hired laborers to make a living. After finishing grade 12, Uncle Ut decided to stay in his hometown to assert himself. In the neighboring commune, there was a famous wood carving profession, he came to apply for a job there. He worked hard, so he was trusted and loved by his boss. After years of studying and working hard, he mastered it and was allowed by his boss to return to his hometown to build a business. Uncle and some friends in the hamlet set up a small workshop specializing in the production of wooden handicrafts.

On the day I came back to visit my grandparents, when I entered the yard, I saw logs of all sizes scattered everywhere. Under the tarpaulin roof, the youngest uncle is passionately carving a statue of a baby riding a buffalo playing a flute. At that time, I was really absorbed in the meticulous, difficult but interesting work. The youngest boy held a chisel in one hand and a wooden awl in the other, carefully tapping each stroke. Tiny wood chips fell to the ground. Just a moment later, the shape of the boy and the buffalo appeared, but still rough and simple. The youngest took a very sharp small knife and trimmed each soft curve. His every move exudes diligence and incredible talent.

By afternoon, the figurine was finished. The youngest uncle took sandpaper to smooth it and then applied glossy brown varnish. Each wood grain shows up beautifully. Ut raised the statue to eye level, examined it carefully, and his lips formed a satisfied smile. Uncle told me to be successful in everything, there must be passion and diligence, hard work.

Looking at the statue of a boy wearing a conical hat playing the flute, sitting on the back of a dream buffalo with curved horns, his head bowed as if he was leisurely grazing, I admired the talent of his uncle and the workers even more. having golden hands like uncle is contributing to beautify life.

Most of his goods are sold in art shops in Ho Chi Minh City. My grandparents’ family life is getting better thanks to my uncle. He is intending to expand production and provide vocational training for young people in the village. When I grow up tomorrow, I will ask my uncle to teach me the profession. First of all, I have to work hard and try to study well.

Tell stories about people who have contributed to the fight against poverty – sample 2

Despite many difficulties in life, there are still examples of silent sacrifice and dedication to people’s lives. Teacher Le Nhat Tien is an example that makes me very emotional.

After graduating from the pedagogical school, he found a relatively good job near his family, but the desire to teach literacy to poor children has long motivated him. Mr. Tien applied to volunteer to Phu Quoc island district to teach.

Although the teaching conditions on the island are still lacking, he is still dedicated to self-study and self-study to bring good lectures to the students.

The life of people on the island is still difficult, many students have to walk far to school. Understanding the students’ plight, the teacher always encourages and helps them to progress in their studies. Mr. Tien’s greatest wish is to sow words to children in the island, to teach good and good students, worthy of being the future owners of the country. He was honored to be honored by the State as one of the typical teachers who made great contributions to the development of education in the islands.

Mr. Tien and many other teachers are role models for me to follow. We promise to try our best to study well so that in the future we can dedicate ourselves to our beloved homeland Vietnam.

Tell stories about people who have contributed to the fight against poverty – sample 3

In life, there are many examples who have sacrificed themselves to contribute to the construction of the country, against poverty, backwardness and for the happiness of the people. The story of Dr. Tran Hoang Minh made me extremely moved.

Young doctor Tran Hoang Minh is 30 years old this year, has lived in the US since he was a child and graduated from medical universities in both the US and Australia. After graduating, the doctor decided to return to his home country to work, although job opportunities in two developed countries welcomed him.

When he returned home, the doctor did not choose a large hospital but chose a small hospital in Go Vap district as his working place. He believes that no matter what kind of person the patient is, the doctor must always consider the patient first. According to Minh, each patient left a memory for the doctor, an experience in his profession and it was the patient who helped the doctor improve his skills.

Patients who come to the emergency department of Go Vap District Hospital all feel in Minh a doctor who is very considerate, gentle and devoted to patients. When asking about older patients, Doctor Minh always starts with the word “Dear…” very polite.

When patients are discharged from the hospital, doctors all call to check on them or go to the homes of patients with difficult circumstances to monitor their disease. Doctor Minh’s example has inspired all people about dedication, for the benefit of the country.

Tell stories about people who have contributed to the fight against poverty – model 4

Like many other evenings, that day when I finished studying, I lay in my mother’s arms to listen to her story. Every day, my mother tells me stories before going to bed. That day, my mother did not tell fairy tales, fables or jokes. Mom tells her story – an honest person.

When I was in 2nd grade, in order to have money to support me and my sisters to go to school, in addition to farming, my mother also bought scrap metal. In the afternoons, when preparing for the 3 sisters after school meals, instructing each of them to do their afternoon chores, the mother cycled from house to house to buy paper, plastic, iron, etc., all that could be sold. regardless of rain or shine.

Mother said: There are lucky days, when the family has just had a party, I can buy a lot of things, I am very happy because I have more money for my children to buy more books and notebooks. But there are also days, when I come when people take a nap, someone is angry, I always calm down, say sorry and go out. Since having a side job, although she is a trader, she has never let anyone down.

Mom reminded me of the time I remember the most: That day, it was also sunny, I was walking, and there was a call: Scrap metal, come here to pick up some things, I turned the car and went in to pick up old cans and books. The woman who sold the goods to her mother went into the house, let her mother sort and weigh herself. While sorting through writing paper, printing paper, and newspapers, her mother discovered an open envelope with the words: To my daughter. I see inside there are still letters and two bills of 200 thousand. I knew that it was a letter from a father to his daughter when he went to work far away with money, probably also for her to buy books or pay for school as a mother’s responsibility to her children. Although that amount of money was equal to a month’s worth of mom collecting scrap metal, but she understood the hearts of fathers and guessed that the son was still saving, so she called the woman out and gave it back to her.

The woman recognized in joy and surprise: My daughter is at university, every time she writes a letter, her father still gives money to pay for her studies. I’ll probably save it, next time I’ll pick it up, thank you so much! You are so kind, thank you very much.

Her mother also happily talked, talked about us and paid her even though she didn’t take it as a thank you. Before her mother continued on her way, the woman still said to her: Thank you, next time you will come again, I will leave you what I can sell.

Mom told the story of her scrap metal job in joy, she didn’t tell me the lesson, but I knew she wanted to advise that: Living must keep a clean heart, honesty, no greed, no lies. . I also recorded that story in my diary. I admire my mother very much.

Tell stories about people who have contributed to the fight against poverty – sample 5

Tien Luu Village Cemetery at the end of last year added two new graves. So after nearly 40 years from the top of Ma Pi Leng slope in Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province, the two daughters of Tien Luu were “returned” to their native land. . It was Ms. Tran Thi Lua and Ms. Thai Thi Na who went to the West to open the way in the 60s of the last century.

The two girls just finished 7th grade and 2nd grade (equivalent to 9th graders in junior high school) when they joined the army to build a mountainous economy. Each family kept only a small photo of the two of them; Today’s nafp photo is also yellowed. Mr. Chinh’s family still kept 2 letters in small letters like ants from Ms. Luu sent back from Hoang Su Phi, at the end of 1965. She told the story of chiseling rocks, opening the way from Dong Van to Meo Vac, from Meo Vac. Going to Ma Pi Leng, for several months, ate all the cornflakes, had to share each spoon of salt, each cup of water, had to hang himself on the cliff, had to swing precariously at the edge of Ma Pi Leng precipice to look at the Nho Que river behind. Heaven’s gate to cut rocks, blast mines to pave the way. Each road is a victory. Wherever the road is open, there will be traffic. Quang Dong Van – Meo Vac is 24 km long, but it took 8 companies of youth volunteers 18 months, 38 members died when chiseling stones to bridge the bridge, including two girls from Tien Luu.

It is not known whether because of the prolonged war or the winding road to Meo Vac, the lives of these two unfortunate girls were forgotten. The family tried their best to find it, but it was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Then, in 2004, Mr. Luc from Tien Luu, a geological engineer working in Dong Van, came to see the stele inscribed with the boys and girls who paved the way 40 years ago at the foot of Ma Pi Leng slope. He recounted that the night he dreamed that two girls in white shirts kept pulling up the blankets and calling: “Remember to take the two sisters to the Tien Hai basin. It’s very cold here in the mountains and forests!…”. That dream kept him awake at night. And three days later, he found the graves of two girls from his country.

Luc made a phone call to the commune and to the village. Only 5 days later, the delegation and the family of Ms. Lua and Ms. Na went to Meo Vac to meet the district Invalids and Social Affairs Department, visit the graves of two girls from their hometown. The procedure to relocate the two women’s graves was handled quickly and thoughtfully. Meo Vac district gave each girl a po mu wooden pole and 2 million VND “called a little gift of gratitude”.

The memorial ceremony for two Tien Luu girls was solemnly held on December 28, 2004 in their home commune. Tien Phu Primary and Secondary School visited two wreaths, nearly 500 teachers and students attended the ceremony. I have never seen or attended such a solemn memorial service!

That day, Mr. Luc geological engineer and 2 officials of Meo Vac district came to attend the ceremony. Lots of people around.

Tell stories about people who have contributed to the fight against poverty – sample 6

Let me tell you a story titled Cherishing Every Seed. The story content is as follows:

Mr. Luong Dinh Cua’s research institute suddenly received a gift from a friend of his abroad. Those are ten precious seeds of rice. While it was cold for a long time, Mr. Cua divided ten seeds into two. Half planted in the laboratory, and half he brought home to use warm water to soak, then wrapped in handkerchiefs. In the evening, he incubated inside his body so that his body heat helps the seeds germinate. Sure enough, after the cold, only five seeds incubated in the body sprouted green. It was these seeds that he created a new rice variety with high yield and good disease resistance.

He is a scientist who has created many precious rice varieties for Vietnam’s agriculture, contributing much to the people’s lives becoming more and more prosperous and happier.

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